March 24-25, 2017

The hackathon for the insurance sector

30 hours, 3 challenges, 2 inspirational days
Let’s get together and revolutionize the insurance sector

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Pitch @ EXECinsurtech
Free IBM Bluemix Accounts
Free GitHub Developer Accounts


“What will the future of insurance look like?”
“Does insurance really need to be dull, boring and non-transparent?”
“The world is complicated enough. My insurance shouldn’t also be.”
We are looking forward to your ideas on three central challenges of the insurance sector:


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Olaf Tidelski

Dr. Olaf Tidelski is Chief Customer Officer at Allianz Germany, representing the voice of 20 Million customers within the company. He is passionate about finding new ways of thinking about insurance and turning it into a tangible, positive experience for the customer. That being said, he is responsible for creating and developing new agile idea and testing formats. He wants to obtain direct customer feedback and systematically surveys customer satisfaction and their willingness to recommend. In addition, he tracks consumer trends and benchmarks across all industries. Olaf studied business and social sciences, completed several additional trainings with a focus on innovation and holds a PHD in economics. He is also a member of the board of trustees at Fresenius University.

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Jan Schminke

Jan Schminke is Managing Director of Kaiser X Labs in Munich, the UX Research and Design Agency of Allianz Deutschland AG. As an expert in UX conception and design, he spent many years in design consulting in the USA and Germany, where he worked with companies such as IDEO and TEAGUE to develop service and product concepts for globally operating companies. The focus of his work is the identification of user needs and their transfer into holistic solutions for successful brand and consumer-centric worlds of experience and digital products. Main topics are UX-Innovation, Organizational Development, Change Management and Design Thinking.

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Cliff Moyce

Cliff Moyce is Global Head of the Finance Practice at global technology consultancy DataArt. He has been operating in executive roles in financial services and capital markets for many years, including as COO and CTO of a market data company, COO of an exchange technology company, and COO of a private equity company. Cliff has a particular interest in insurance and insurtech being the person who led the operations side of the Lloyds of London rescue in the 1990’s and before that playing a leading role in the reorganization of the Life Insurance business of Norwich Union. Cliff is a passionate proponent of the use of machine learning and Blockchain in the insurance industry (topics on which he also writes and speaks).

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Michael Franke
(Franke und Bornberg)

Founder and managing director of “Franke und Bornberg GmbH” and “Franke und Bornberg Research GmbH” as well as founder of “versdiagnose GmbH”. Active in the insurance industry since 1987. Pioneer and leading service provider of insurance product rating since 1995. Online pioneer in insurance comparisons since 1998. Development of the first German Insurance Contract Act (VVG)-compliant technical consulting process with robo elements in 2004. Founder of vers.diagnose, the first electronic risk assessment platform for biometric insurance products in 2013.

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Olaf Scheer

Dr. Olaf Scheer, Partner and Director at zeb. Bank clerk, degree in business administration and doctorate from the University of Kiel. Business positions at the Bayerische Vereinsbank, Dresdner Bank and HypoVereinsbank as head of department for private retail banking for German and Eastern European customers. Since 2001 at zeb, from 2001–2014 as member of the management board of the zeb group, since 2015 enhancement of important customer relations in Germany and abroad on topics such as strategy, organization and mergers, private and corporate customer business models and strategic finance. In addition, he is an assistant lecturer at the LMU University of Munich.

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Mehrdad Piroozram

Mehrdad Piroozram is the founder and general partner at The pioneer in the areas of Web and Apps began his career as a software developer for a german corporation. In 1995 he established his company Pironet which he led to an IPO in 2000. Since 2003 he acts as a successful business angel. Being one of the first recognizing the App Revolution, he was among the 'first movers' internationally. In 2014 Mehrdad Piroozram founded, where he operates as one of the leading seed investors for start-ups from the Insurtech space throughout Europe.


Friday, March 24
08:00 Registration and breakfast
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Challenges and prizes
09:25 Github API Intro
09:30 Franke und Bornberg API Intro
09:35 Allianz API Intro
09:40 IBM Intro: Bluemix Plattform & APIs
09:45 gini API Intro
09:50 figo API Intro
10:00 Kick off #_hackNEXT
11:00 IBM Deep-Dive: Bluemix Plattform & APIs
13:00 Lunch
20:00 Dinner
00:00 Midnight coding surprise
Saturday, March 25
08:00 Breakfast
10:00 UX / Design Training
11:00 Pitch Training
13:00 Lunch
16:00 End of programming
16:20 Welcome
16:30 Key Note "How to accelerate InsurTechs"
16:40 Key Note "Open Innovation in the Insurance Industry"
16:50 Key Note "GitHub Enterprise and Allianz Agile Development Platform"
17:00 Key Note "Human Centered Design - think different, work different"
17:10 Key Note "How to improve Customer Experience"
17:20 Key Note "IBM Watson IOT in the Insurance Industry"
17:30 Expert Panel "Trends in InsurTech and future developments?"
18:00 Pitches
19:30 Dinner and Networking
21:00 Award presentation
21:30 afterHACK-PARTY


  • The RLV / SBV interface of the Allianz is very simple. Carry out a price calculation for a risk insurance according to the joblist and the contract data.

  • Gini provides an information extraction system for analyzing documents (e. g. invoices or contracts), specifically information such as the document sender or the amount to pay in an invoice.

    1) Create a Repository
    2) Create a Branch
    3) Make and commit changes
    4) Open a Pull Request
    5) Merge your Pull Request

  • 1) „Am I insurable?“
    2) „Which insurance is the right one for me?“
    3) „Am I properly insured?“

    IBM® Bluemix® is IBM's innovative cloud computing platform that combines platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Bluemix is also the home of more than 130 unique IBM and third-party services, including offerings like cognitive computing (Watson)...

  • This API allows you to easily access your bank account including transaction history and submitting payments.

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Evaluation criteria


Does the hack solve a customer pain point?


Is the hack innovative for the insurance sector?


Does the hack makes the jury think „WOW“?


How good is the code quality of the hack?


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